About Us

About The Blackhawk Foundation

What Is the Blackhawk Foundation?

The Blackhawk Foundation is a nonprofit, 501 (c )(3) tax-exempt corporation operating independently under its own Board of Directors. Tax-deductible contributions form parents, staff members, alumni and business, professional and civic sectors are used to fund programs and activities in the Blackhawk School District.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Blackhawk Foundation is to develop, promote and finance educational programs, activities and projects for the Blackhawk School District.

The Opportunity To Learn Sometimes Extends Beyond the Budget

Our school district’s primary goal remains to prepare students to succeed in life whether they attend college, vocational school or move directly into the workforce. We want our students to feel confident in their own ability to compete and succeed because of the educational foundation they received while attending Blackhawk

Certainly, all school districts face budgetary limitations. Financing the basic curriculum of a public school education is challenging, and the cost of materials and equipment increases steadily.

At times, budgetary limitations will not allow for funding of important extras, and that is where you can play such an important role. Your contribution as an individual, an organization or a business supports the Foundation’s mission and is tax deductible.

Here are some examples of what the Blackhawk Foundation may fund in the future:

• Supplemental classroom materials. Not all students learn in the same way. Exceptional materials exist that will help students operating outside of their strengths know the joy that comes when what is being taught finally clicks.

• Field trip opportunities. If seeing truly is believing, how impactful it is when a student witnesses a particular profession in person or sees a certain principle proven in front of his or her eyes. That student may know from that day forward what it takes and what they must do in order to be a master carpenter or a computer programmer.

• Academic or Extracurricular Invitations/Competitions. Our students historically have been top-notch both in the classroom and in their after-school pursuits. Achieving a level of excellence, our students often are invited to display their talents or compete against other exceptional students in the state or around the country. Helping to fund their participation truly rewards hard-working, motivated student groups and individuals.

Be Confident In Your Contribution

As a contributor, you have the option to direct your gift toward a particular area or interest.

This website also will be updated regularly so that you as a contributor or interested party will remain up-to-date on what programs and projects the Foundation has chosen to fund.

We invite you to review our list of Board of Directors. These individuals were chosen not only for their passion for education but also for their diverse backgrounds and interests. Such diversity insures that any applicant for support will have a voice of understanding in the decision-making process.
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