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Welcome to the School Counseling page!

 The Patterson Primary School Counseling program is there to help students and parents when they have problems or concerns that distract from the student's learning in class.  Mr. Abel is the School Counselor, and has been at Patterson for 22 years.  That experience helps Mr. Abel when he is running groups dealing with self-esteem, divorce, good choices or anger management, meeting with students 1 on 1, or in classroom lessons.  If you have any questions about the School Counseling program, please contact Mr. Abel

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Current Lessons

Kindergarten - participating in our Getting Along program.  5 15-20 minute lessons, 1 per week, throughout October and November:
Week 1 - Getting Along Rules (Use Put Ups Only, Listen Without Interrupting, Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Week 2 -  Put-ups (Manner words, Compliments, Apology words, Greeting words.
Week 3 - Listen without interrupting - focusing on a still body pointed towards the speaker, eyes on the speaker, 1 person talks at a time.
Week 4 - Dealing with Anger - Stop, Think and Act
Week 5 - Stand Up for Yourself - Look person in the eye, body still, normal voice, telling them to please stop doing the annoying act.  We also focus on the difference between tattling and telling. 
Red Ribbon Week - lessons Kindergarten - how drugs and candy look alike.
Grade 1 and 2 - The dangers of tobacco.  

Counseling Groups at Patterson Primary.

Throughout the school year, students may be asked to join a variety of Counseling Groups, aimed to help students.  Good Choices group is run Kindergarten through 2nd grades with the goal of helping students to make better decisions throughout their school day.  Self-Confidence Group has students participating in all grades, with the target of feeling good about oneself and helping others at school.  These groups are held for 25 minutes 1 time a week (In grades K to 2nd) .  Other groups that will be run this year include Self-Control group (for students who experience anxiety), FISH group (or Families in Separate Homes), for those students in our school going through the separation or divorve of their parents, and Friendship group.  If you have any questions, or would wish your child to participate in these groups, please let me by email ( or by phone (724-843-1268 option #2 on the voice mail).  
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