Roadmap: Health & Wellness

Friendly Reminder!

How will students' safety change during a typical school day?

The typical school day will be changed as our lives have changed since the emergence of COVID-19. We encourage you as a parent, to openly discuss and model good hygiene measures and safety to your child. The normal routine of a Nurse’s Office will also change to ensure the best possible safety measures for all students and staff. Recommendations from the state are continually changing and we will too. Every effort will be initiated to have the illness and/or wellness of a child distanced within a Nurse’s office, as will the daily medications and Diabetic screenings.

How will students receive their medication or daily health care if they are immunosuppressed?

This type of condition will necessitate a discussion with your child’s PCP/Pediatrician.  We will be glad to be an active participant in any decision or plan that is recommended. We are here to assist to make your child’s education as safe as possible.

How will I know to keep my child home or if he/she is sent home early from school due to an illness?

Prior to the start of a school day, daily monitor your child by taking temperatures at home.  Keep your child home if the temperature is 100.0 or higher, or if there are any signs of an illness and notify your child’s nurse.  Your child may return to school after a temperature is normal for at least 24 hours without any Advil or Tylenol given. 

Refer to the symptom table below.

SymptomCold Influenza 
COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus 
FeverMild, if present Often Often 
Fatigue / Tiredness Occasional, MildCommon Occasional 
HeadacheVery infrequent Common Occasional 
Sneezing Common Infrequent 
Sore Throat Common Occasional Occasional 
Runny Nose Common Occasional Infrequent 
Diarrhea No Occasional Infrequent 
Watery Eyes Common Common Infrequent 
Cough Mild Dry CoughDry Cough, often severe 
Shortness of Breath No Rare With mild/moderate infection 
Difficulty Breathing No In severe infections*Common in severe Infections* 
 *Needs oxygen or ventilator

How can the mandated immunizations be completed for school entry? What are my options?

Presently, there have been no changes to this topic. If your child is a new enrollment, including K, or will be a 7th or 12th grader in the fall, please submit documentation to your child’s nurse and she will work with you and your options. 

What can I do if my child is struggling with mental health issues?

During the summer months, and as we transition back to school, your child can be referred to our school - based mental health provider. Please contact your building administrator for additional details and paperwork. 
Support can also be provided through the Prevention Network.
Please see the bottom of the page for resources available throughout the county. 

What will the district do to support my child's mental wellbeing once school resumes?

Throughout the summer months, the school will be providing documents regarding student mental wellbeing and how you can help your child at home. The district will be sending surveys in August to gauge student's mental health and identify students at-risk for support.  Surveys will be optional, results will be read by the district's school psychologist, and disseminated to guidance and building administrators. You will be contacted before any action is taken. 
If you are overly concerned about your child's mental health at this time, please refer to Question 4 and feel free to contact your building administrator for options.  
As we look to return to school, additional documents to help support our students re-entering buildings will be provided.  
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