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Highlights of the 1st marking period
First marking period Highlights!
STEAM class has gotten off to a great start this year!
Students are learning to work in teams and exploring a variety of new concepts.
Third grade learned all about logging into our network and software for our ELA and Math programs.  They have just completed racing their recycled cars! What a great competition. Students were also learning about how to be a good winner/loser as everyone cannot be first. What a compassionate group of third graders we have!
Fourth grade has been working basic building blocks of matter and how they make up everything we see around us. Learning about concepts of physics and motion was great fun and quite informational. Finally we wrapped up the marking period removing the space from between molecules of some matter. Each student was able to take home their project. Please ask about it if you haven't already seen it!
Fifth Grade created air powered vehicles from recycled materials.  There certainly were some interesting designs!  Student groups launched their vehicles and we recorded the distance and amount of time the vehicles traveled. We learned about calculating rate of speed. We began working on metric measurement which will conclude in a couple of weeks.
STEAM Videos
Metric Conversions made simple!


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Thinking through Tinkering

Most students learn best through doing. Deciding what they can/should be doing is the hard part. This link is to a Scholastic article about Tinkering. There are many ideas about how to get your child started and what they might need/want to explore.


Please click HERE to check out the article.

Meet Mrs. Brown
The STEAM room is ready.... 
Quarter Expectations
Second Quarter Expectations

The second quarter will include projects/experiments for all grade levels of STEAM learners.

3rd grade students will begin to learn about electrical circuits. They will work to create basic circuits in a variety of ways. Look for these projects to come home after they are completed. Students will then begin a project using both Art and Math aspects of STEAM. It is sure to be colorful!

4th grade students will be working on concepts of matter during the second marking period. They will complete activities to better understand matter and state changes. There are some big surprises this marking period. Be sure to ask your child how things are going in class!

5th grade students will finish their metric system work and then put that knowledge to good use exploring liquids!  Students will then study some design concepts using snowflakes as inspiration. Keep an eye out for some cool creations. 

 Check this out!!!

STEAM class got started with a quick challenge!  Using the design model below third grade constructed a tower using index cards, scissors, and 18 inches of tape! 
Fourth grade used 15 pipe cleaners to build the tallest tower possible. There were many plans and improvements going on throughout the classes!
Fifth grade classes warmed up with a challenge using 25 straws, 25 tiny popsicle sticks, and scissors to build the tallest tower possible. There were so many great ideas!  

Contact Mrs. Brown

Contact Mrs. Brown

Barb Brown
Highland Middle School Staff
Blackhawk Intermediate School Staff
Blackhawk School District: 500 Blackhawk Road, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 Phone: (724) 846-6600 Fax: (724) 846-2021
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Blackhawk School District:
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Phone: (724) 846-6600
Fax: (724) 846-2021
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