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Highlights of the 2nd marking period
Third marking period Highlights!
Third marking period Highlights!
STEAM class has been a blast this year!
Students are learning to work in teams and exploring a variety of new concepts.
Third grade learned about construction techniques.  Each group created a maze to use with a marble. Each group then used a spinner to help them select their materials. The materials were suggested by the students and the selection process was random. These supplies were then used to create a marble maze. All students in third grade had time to test out the mazes. Students then cast votes for the most challenging, most creative, and best overall maze.
Fourth grade expanded their knowledge of circuits by creating dough that conducted and insulated wires. The recipe can be found below. It was very interesting to see how much they could remember from last year and how creative they were with their circuits.
Fifth Grade worked hard to wrap up metric measurement with a winter scene project. Students converted metric measurements to create a variety of winter scenes. This project only required specific elements the designs were created by each student.
Grade 4
Squishy Circuits

Students in grade 5 have had so much fun making these Flextangles that they have asked for the pattern to be added to the website. Click the picture to get the pattern for the flextangle. Have fun!
STEAM Videos
Things to Think About...
Thinking through Tinkering

Most students learn best through doing. Deciding what they can/should be doing is the hard part. This link is to a Scholastic article about Tinkering. There are many ideas about how to get your child started and what they might need/want to explore.


Please click HERE to check out the article.

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Meet Mrs. Brown
The STEAM room is ready.... 
Quarter Expectations
Fourth Quarter Expectations

The fourth quarter will include projects/experiments for all grade levels of STEAM learners.

3rd grade students will be working on the life cycle of butterflies this marking period. Students are studying these insects in great depth. We are learning about all different kinds of butterflies, comparing them to moths and are hoping to get outside to catch a few insects ourselves. In addition we are going to actually see the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly in our STEAM room. We are hoping that the weather will warm up enough to let out butterflies go just as school is ending!

4th grade students will be continuing their circuitry work this marking period. Students are creating bugs with eyes that light up. We are using this bug as the basis for a research project. Students have learned about looking up facts, citing sources, creating the acutal bug, and then will finish with a group presentation about their insect. We are also going to try to fit in a quick lesson on plant life cycles and grow a little something to take home if time allows.

5th grade students will continue to work with symmetry but in a new way.  Students are creating flextangles that have designs that are symmetrical in both color and pattern. The final project is an amazing unending folding example of symmetry! Students will love them! Our final project in 5th grade is a personally designed kaleidoscope! Students will learn and work with 3-D shapes and relfection as well as specific design elements to create their kaleidoscopes. Each student should have their own project to take home at the end of the year!

 Check this out!!!

STEAM class got started with a quick challenge!  Using the design model below third grade constructed a tower using index cards, scissors, and 18 inches of tape! 
Fourth grade used 15 pipe cleaners to build the tallest tower possible. There were many plans and improvements going on throughout the classes!
Fifth grade classes warmed up with a challenge using 25 straws, 25 tiny popsicle sticks, and scissors to build the tallest tower possible. There were so many great ideas!  

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