Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

Look what we've been up to in STEAM Class!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!
The second marking period has begun and so has the STEAM fun! 
Students will experiment, create, and learn in STEAM class!
It will be amazing!

Flexible Instruction Materials

Flexible Instruction Materials

Coming soon - Materials will be available here for students only on the day school is closed.

Quarterly Highlights of STEAM class!

Quarter Expectations

Second Quarter Expectations

The second quarter will include projects/experiments for all grade levels of STEAM learners

Kindergarten will be learning about the water cycle. They will complete experiments to help them understand how water changes but really never leaves. They will also be working to learn about how important water is to our planet.

First grade learning about plants and their parts. Students will work with hands on activities and experiments that allow them to see why each part of the plant is important. They will also expand on their matter knowledge with an experiment using seeds.

Second grade is expanding on the food chain concept. They will learn about producers and consumers. Students will classify food and experiment with changing common foods. Students will learn about needs and wants and how some basic needs are essential to life.
3rd grade students will begin to learn about electrical circuits. They will work to create basic circuits in a variety of ways. Look for these projects to come home after they are completed. Students will then begin a project using both Art and Math aspects of STEAM. It is sure to be colorful!

4th grade students will be working on concepts of matter during the second marking period. They will complete activities to better understand matter and state changes. There are some big surprises this marking period. Be sure to ask your child how things are going in class!


Things to Think About...

Thinking through Tinkering

Most students learn best through doing. Deciding what they can/should be doing is the hard part. This link is to a Scholastic article about Tinkering. There are many ideas about how to get your child started and what they might need/want to explore.


Please click HERE to check out the article.

Meet Mrs. Brown

The STEAM room is ready.... More +


Attention Families.... 
Students of all ages are using recycled materials.
Please send in any non-glass recycled items that are clean and dry. Students can drop them off in the STEAM room on their way in to the building in the morning. 
We are currently looking for straws, skewers, coffee stirs, washers, bolts, plastic bottles (all sizes), bottle caps (both metal and plastic).
Thank you for your help!


Check back here for updates on things that are happening in the STEAM class!
The picture below is how we will be working through our challenges in STEAM class this year.

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