School Counseling Department

School Counseling Department

Blackhawk Intermediate School
School Counseling Program - Mr. Abel, School Counselor
Through the collective efforts of Blackhawk Intermediate School staff, families, and the community at large, the students at Blackhawk Intermediate School are educated in a positive, safe, and comfortable learning environment where they have opportunities to enrich their academic, career, and social/emotional development. Each student is supported, valued, and respected for his/her unique learning style to ensure overall success. Supported by the school counseling program, all students at Blackhawk Intermediate School participate in a curriculum that focuses on rigor, relevance and relationships. As students strive to become productive and confident citizens in the community, they are empowered to persevere, exhibit accountability for their actions, display respect, and demonstrate trustworthiness. As goal-oriented learners, our students continue to strengthen their skills necessary for a “college and career-ready” education.

Through leadership and advocacy, The Blackhawk Intermediate School’s School Counseling Program promotes rigor, relevance, and relationships among students by providing:
  1. Academic support to maximize student potential
  2. Career awareness and exploration
  3. Strategies for healthy decision-making skills
  4. Social and emotional competencies
Therefore, the collaborative efforts among The Blackhawk Intermediate School’s school counselor, teachers, parents, community members, and administration will ensure that all students have equitable access to opportunities to succeed in a global community.

Department Announcements

Career Day at BIS 3rd and 4th Grade

More speakers are needed for Career Day on May 24th. More +

Did you know we have many student groups at BIS?

Many groups are here to help students at BIS K through 4th.  More +

BIS Buddies for 2018-19 Are Helping!

A Favorite BIS program continues to help our students! More +
Do Your PART! Don't Let Bullying Start!

Do Your PART! Don't Let Bullying Start!

As part of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, students and staff at BIS will continue to participate in weekly classroom meetings. Classroom meetings enable children to build connections with others, and to learn how to "stand up" to bullying behaviors. Classroom meetings help our children to feel empowered and to strengthen their character. This is a way to remind all of us to do our PART!

Our Rules
1. We will not bully others.
2. We will help students who are bullied.
3. We will include students if they are left out.
4. We will tell an adult at home and school if we know of a bullying situation.

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