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Welcome to Mrs. Pastor's page!
 I am so blessed to be your child's teacher this year!  This will be my 11th year teaching at Blackhawk and my 10th year teaching first grade.  First grade is the year students become readers and writers.  It is the year of growth!  Your child will work towards meeting the PA Core Standards for first grade.  This is going to be an exciting year with numerous hands on activities to develop a deep understanding for math and reading concepts.  We will learn to read independently, speaking and listening techniques, and conventions and grammar to address our goals for language arts.  AR and guided reading groups increase differentiated instruction. Students participate in Daily 5 activities as I meet with small groups to improve their individual needs. First grade mathematics include but are not limited to working with numbers through 120, knowing addition and subtraction facts to ten with fluency, telling time to the half hour, composing and decomposing 2D and 3D shapes,  and making graphs. I also enjoy STEM challenges and may be asking for donations throughout the year to help our class complete these challenges. 
Throughout the school year, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at anytime. 
News and Updates
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Our Classroom Needs....
  • New or gently used age appropriate books (if you are able to write the AR level and test code on the inside cover that would be greatly appreciated)
  •  Blank cards (birthday, thank you, get well, etc.)
  • Fun writing paper
  • New or gently used age appropriate games for indoor recess
  • Stencils
  • Stickers
  • New or gently used art items (like perler beads and boards)
  • New or gently used Legos 
First Grade Supply List
Please help your child prepare for the first day of school by opening their supplies, labeling each item with their initials (with the exception of pencils, tissues and wipes) and placing them in their labeled pencil case or large labeled baggie.  Thanks for helping to organize and reduce our trash on the first day of school!  
*Please feel free to bring your child's supplies to orientation.  
Goals for the Third Marking Period


  • Students should know and apply their spelling words and high frequency words.
  • Students should be able to comprehend what they are reading and understand new vocabulary words.
  • Students should be able to write a complete sentence and check for CUPS (capitals, usage, punctuation, spaces and spelling)
  • Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of new vocabulary words.  
  • Students should be able to use grade appropriate conventions and grammar in their everyday writing.
  • Write an opinion paragraph beginning with a topic sentence, opinion statement, 3 or more reasons (expand with examples), and a closing opinion statement.  


  • Students should be able to represent and solve addition and subtraction problems using various strategies.
  • Students should be able to count, read and write numbers to 120 and apply place value.
  • Students should be able to compare 2 digit numbers using <, >, =.
  • Students should be able to organize and interpret data using a graph. 
  • Students should be able to define and create 2D shapes.  


  • Students should be able to talk about light.  They should be able to discuss shadows and how shadows are created and change, as well as how light reacts to different materials.
  • Students will learn about the sun and solar system.  They should be able to determine why the sun is important and what causes the different seasons.  


  • Students should be able to discuss President's Day and why we celebrate it. In addition, acknowledge Americans who played a significant role in American history. 
  • Students should be able to identify groups of people who help a community.  
  • Students should be able to identify various geographic features. 
Classroom Expectations
We will be working on 5 rules in our classroom this year. 
  • Listen
  • Follow directions quickly
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Make smart choices
  • Be safe, honest and kind
Each rule has a coordinating color.  When a student needs to work on specific rule, the corresponding color will be placed into their "Star Chart".  For the first marking period, students will receive 5 minutes off of recess if they have 3 sticks in their chart and 10 minutes off of recess if they have more than 3 sticks in their chart.  During this time students will be able to reflect on what they need to work on and fill out a communication sheet to go home and be signed so parents are also aware.  At the conclusion of the day students without sticks in their chart will get a stamp on their card.  Students can also receive "stars" for demonstrating outstanding understanding of the classroom rules. Each star will earn the student 2 stamps on their card.  When students complete their card they will be able to move up on our "Mr. Potato Head Super Improvers" wall and choose a reward coupon.  You will know when your child moves up on the super improvers wall because we will celebrate their accomplishment with a sticker party and a crown.  Throughout the year as the classroom expectations are understood, the number of sticks for loss of recess will decrease.
I look forward to seeing your child's awesome learning and behavior.  
Homework is a great way to connect learning at home and school.  Students get to share what they are learning with their family.  I try to follow a similiar homework schedule throughout the year, however, special activities or projects may replace a typical homework.  Completing homework is a great way to introduce responsibility to students.  I do keep track of homework and hold students accountable for it.  Here is a typical homework schedule:
Day 1-Practice Spelling Words
Day 2-Math  Practice
Day 3-High Frequency Words (HFW) and Vocabulary Practice
Day 4-Math Practice
Day 5-Read Storytown Story
Day 6-No Homework
Even through practice spelling words and HFW is homework for one day, some students may need daily practice with these skills to master the spelling skill and HFW words for the test.  In addition, students should be reading or read to nightly.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the homework.  
Accelerated Reader (AR)-Students are required to pass (85% or higher) ONE AR test a week.  These books could be from the school library, classroom library or from home.  Students should be reading books that are on their level.  If at anytime you feel their AR books are not a good fit book, please let me know.  Please use the website to look up the book's test number prior to sending it to school with your child.  I look forward to seeing many our our student names on the "Whale Done" AR boards in the cafeteria. 
We will be working through 12 math chapters that accompany the GOMath! series in first grade.  To notify you of the beginning of new chapter, I will send home a letter to introduce the skills that we will be working on and also activities that can be done at home to help your child master these skills.  Throughout the chapter your child will bring home work to show you what we are learning.  Please only practice skills that have been taugh so far. Please don't go ahead of what we are working on in school.  Math tests will be given at the completion of a chapter and following at least one day of review.  Test dates will also be announced on the Newsletters.  
It takes 6 days of instruction and assessing for each lesson.
Day 1: Introduce spelling words, getting started story, grammar and briefly vocabulary words
Day 2: Introduce HFW (High Frequency Words), main story selection, 3 vocabulary words
Day 3: Introduce comprehension skill, 3 vocabulary words
Day 4: Review spelling words, HFW, grammar, comprehension skills and stories, 6 vocabulary words
Day 5: Assess spelling words and HFW
Day 6: Assess comprehension skills and stories and vocabulary words
First Grade Links

Our specials schedule works on a four day rotation.

                       STEAM & Computer

                        MUSIC & Library 
Please see the News & Notes that goes home for a more detailed schedule for each lesson. We also try to write what special we have in our agenda's everyday with our homework.  
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