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Patterson Announcements
If you received a letter from the district that your child still needs an immunization or a copy of proof of the immunization - PLEASE submit this information to your child's school ASAP.

Your child will NOT be permitted to enter the school classroom on the first day of school (August 22, 2017) without written documentation.

Any questions, please email BSD School Nurses -- Susan Hullihen or Melinda Haddox
[email protected] or [email protected]
Due to heavy construction traffic, there will be NO PARKING in the TRACK and POOL LOTS until further notice. Barricades will be established restricting use. Any pedestrians using the campus for exercise or any visitors are also asked to avoid the back of the campus for safety reasons. All vehicles are to park in the FRONT LOT. 
Orientation Information

Monday, August 21st:

4th grade 9-10 AM

3rd grade 10:15 - 11:15 AM

2nd grade 12-1 PM

1st grade 1:15 - 2:15 PM

Kindergarten 2:30 - 3:30 PM


August 21st

Kindergarten Orientation 2:30

Students will have an opportunity to meet his/her teacher. You may tour the classroom and learn what your child’s day will look like. Your child’s classroom assignment will be mailed in August.

August 22nd

First day of school

Dismissal 12:45

Kindergarten students will be dismissed from school at 12:45PM. After students are dismissed teachers will be holding 15 minute conferences with families. Sign-ups for these conferences will be available at orientation.

August 23rd

Second day of school

Dismissal 12:45

Kindergarten students will be dismissed at 12:45PM. Teachers will again be holding conferences.

August 24th

First full day

Kindergarten students will begin attending school for a full day.


2017-2018 School Supply Lists

Primary Buildings


4 - 24 pack *Crayola crayons

4 - Large Elmer's glue sticks (22 oz.)

2 - large pink erasers

1 - dozen yellow #2 pencils

2 – thick black *Expo dry erase markers

2 – yellow highlighters

2 - boxes tissues

1 – zipper pencil pouch (NO TOOL BOX)

1 – black/white marble composition notebook

Boys = 1 tub Clorox disinfecting wipes

Girls = 1 tub baby wipes


First Grade

4- 24 packs Crayola crayons

4- Large Elmer's glue sticks (22 oz.)

2- tissue boxes

2- large pink erasers

2- dozen yellow #2 pencils

1-pack colored Expo markers

1- tool box

1 - tub Clorox disinfecting wipes

Second Grade

1- A composition notebook


2-pack of #2 pencils

2- Large Elmer's glue sticks (22 oz.)

1-4 pack expo markers
2-24 pack Crayola crayons
2 - Large pink eraser
2- box of tissues
1 - tub Clorox disinfecting wipes

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please do not bring your child to school earlier than 8:50AM.

No student will be permitted to enter the building earlier than 8:50AM effective immediately. There is no supervision available for students before 8:50AM.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Marianne LeDonne
Hot Readers Program

Blackhawk Primary School Hot Readers

2016-2017 Program

All Blackhawk Primary school students are invited to participate in the Hot Readers Program! Students may choose either the Accelerated Reader program or Hot Readers which involves completing projects that reflect what they have read. We want to celebrate our students’ love for reading and their individual accomplishments.

Each grade level has a personal reading goal for students. Every book read by a student, or by an adult to a student, earns that student a reward. These books are added to a class total toward a prize that the entire class will share. Each class total is then added to a schoolwide goal which will result in a school-wide celebration! The class and school wide celebrations may range from an afternoon of games, to a movie and popcorn, dressing as a favorite character for the day, cookies and milk with the teacher, or lunch with Mrs. LeDonne, to name just a few.

Described below are the options for parents/students choosing to validate their reading by completing a project instead of the AR program.

Kindergarten Students

· Parents/Guardians who have read a book to their child, will complete the Reading Log form verifying the two read a book together. Each form records ten (10) books. Students have 9-weeks to read 10 books with an adult. Each book is added to the student’s thermometer which is added to the class goal. Each class total is added together for the school goal!

· For every book read, a student earns a red sticker or colors their thermometer indicating a book. These books can be “read” by Mom, Dad, Grandma, babysitter, or friend while the student looks on. Students who are emergent and beginning readers, benefit from listening to books read aloud to them. This close relationship provides him/her with a reading role model who will support him/her as they develop this new skill.

· Students filling their thermometer can earn a special badge, bookmark, extra recess, special seating in class, or free time to name a few incentives.

First Grade and Second Grade Students

· The goal for First and Second grade students is to read 25-books in a semester.

· The child should now be reading aloud while parents support with word help, by reading the sentence first only, or by taking turns reading paragraphs. Please know that reading silently and then discussing what each has read is a great option and a more authentic way of reading for meaning.

· The student completes the assigned book report and the parent signs the report to verify the book was read together. The reports will be provided to the student in books of 25. Once the 25 reports are completed, students will submit them to the teacher to receive their 25 badges for their Brag Tags!

· Students will receive Brag Tags with badges which will be displayed inside the classroom for every 25 book they read. Just like the thermometer, this is a tangible reflection of the books they have read. The collection of reports is another tangible achievement the parents and child can celebrate together!

· First grade students will complete a traditional book report that describes the story they read. This activity gives the students practice identifying the parts of a book: author, illustrator, and plot which are included in the First Grade curriculum.

· Second grade book reports are more in-depth embracing aspects of the reading curriculum, as well as paragraph writing.

The Hot Readers Program and forms for participation will be ready for students starting October 1, 2016. Teachers will have the forms and booklets ready to distribute to your child in class. Please let your child’s teacher know if you would like your child to participate.

We can’t wait to get started! Please keep track of the all the books you are reading together as we prepare for the new option because those books can be added to the lists/forms once you receive the forms!

Upcoming Events
School Board Working / Voting Session
Thu Jul 27 2017
School Board Working Session
Thu Aug 10 2017
School Board Voting Session
Thu Aug 17 2017
School Board Working Session
Thu Sep 14 2017
School Board Voting Session
Thu Sep 21 2017
School Board Working Session
Thu Oct 12 2017
Accelerated Reader Enterprise
One of the great new features of AR Enterprise is that the library no longer has to buy the AR quizzes. Quizzes may be taken on books from the public library as well as books you may have purchased as long as there is a quiz available. To check on a title, click on AR Bookfinder below and follow the directions.

AR Bookfinder - click here to search for AR titles.
Please note, Patterson library does not have all of the books listed on AR Bookfinder

Destiny Library Catalog - click here to search the Patterson library catalog at home.

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