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Tips for Getting Your Child to Read

Tips for Getting Your Child to Read

1.      If possible, read aloud every day, even to older children. Discuss authors and illustrations along with the stories. 

2.      Take turns reading aloud with your child. Do not insist that your child read aloud if he or she is uncomfortable doing so. Find another way for them to participate.

3.      Don’t ask your child if a book that he/she has selected is too hard. Even if he/she does not know all of the words, it may challenge him/her and give you an opportunity to volunteer to read part of the book to (or with) your child.

4.      Set a “go-to-bed-with-a book” policy. Let your child read for half an hour after going to bed. Take turns reading or rotate nights, whatever encourages you child to read. If there isn’t a light near your child’s bed, provide a reading light. 

5.      Avoid rewarding a child for the number of books he/she has read. Reading should bring its own reward and pleasure.

6.      Don’t punish your child or remove privileges if your child does not read. Reading should be associated with pleasure and enjoyment.

7.      Take your child to the library and obtain a library card. Make frequent visits with your child to the library.

8.      Remember that children learn better when they have fun. Enjoying the text and making sense of the meaning is very important. Focusing on phonics may become taxing and cause a child to lose interest.

 9.      Consider obtaining books on tape (Book-tape combinations). Teach your child how to follow along with the book while listening to a tape.

10. Express your love for reading to your child. Allow your child to see you reading. Share what you are reading for pleasure or information.


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