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Kindergarten Specials Schedule

The 4 Day schedule allows for students to get the maximum amount of learning from our curriculum. Every school day will be a number 1 – 4. The schedule will resume where it left off in the event of a scheduled day off from school, weekend, or school cancellation. Please note that we will not be using a traditional Monday-Friday schedule. The lunch calendar is a great place to keep track of the day number.


Mrs. Effert


Mrs. Kalmar


Mr. Stiteler


Mr. Okon

 Our class has 2 groups for specials. Group A will follow one schedule and Group B will follow a different schedule.

Your child’s group is on the cover page of their folder.


 We will have library on Day 1.
We will have computer on alternating cycles on day 4.

 Day 1:
Group A: Music
Group B: Gym
 Day 2:
Group A: Art
Group B: Music 
 Day 3: 
Group A: Steam
Group B: Art 
 Day 4:
Group A: Gym
Group B: Steam