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Speech and Language Home Practice

Speech Sounds

Ask your child if he or she is working on a speech sound in speech and language support classroom or look for sound worksheets that come home.  If you feel your child is doing pretty well with the sound, remind them to make good clear sounds through the day while at home! Practice makes perfect! Contact me if you would like to know a specific sound that is appropriate for you child to work on at home.


"Wh" Questions

Many speech and language student have goals that involve answering "wh" questions.  While reading books with your child at home, ask them these "wh" questions.  For example: "Who is the story about?", "Where are they going?", "What did they make?".   Then ask the harder "wh" questions with "why" and "how"!  Encourage the use of grammatical and fluent sentences when answering.