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Where we're going...(Quarterly Updates)

Highlights of 4th Quarter:

In math, we are currently studying division. Students continue to be successful in our Math Workshops. The kids then work in groups to practice new skills with teachers and review skills with their peers, independently, and using technology. The GO Math! app is a great way to review information we recently learned.  

In reading, the students continue the Daily 5 system. While students are doing this we are working with small groups conducting guided reading groups where we are focusing on skills differentiated according to student need. Some of the skills include comprehension, back up and reread, main idea and details, theme, summarizing, compare and contrast, author study, context clues, and fact and opinion, fluency, and accuracy.  A novel study is being planned for the month of May. 


In English, the students are working on different types of verbs.  We are constantly improving our writing skills each week as students continue to practice using correct punctuation, complete sentences, capital letters, topic and closing sentences as well as indenting. 

In social studies, we have been studying economics and online safety.  We will be conducting a wax museum or an online biography project this period.  Within our classroom science, we have been studying rotation and revolution.  Students are learning that the seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis.  We will be closing out the school year with lessons on light, chemistry, and physics.