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Where we're going...(Quarterly Updates)

Highlights of 2nd Quarter:

In Math, we are studying multiplication.  Students continue to be successful in our Math Workshops.  The students work together as a whole class following warm-ups such as number and problem of the day.  The kids then work in groups to practice new skills with teachers and review skills with their peers, independently, and using technology.  The students look forward to this each morning.  

In reading, the students continue the Daily 5 system.  While students are doing this we are working with small groups conducting guided reading groups where we are focusing on skills differentiated according to student need.  Some of the skills include comprehension, back up and reread, main idea and details, theme, summarizing, compare and contrast, author study, context clues, and fact and opinion, fluency, and accuracy. 

In English, the students are working on Nouns (Common and Proper) and abbreviations. Students are also working on several different types of writing.

In Social Studies, we are working on a Veteran’s Day project. 

In Science, we are currently studying life cycles and food chains. Students recently worked in groups to study animal life cycles.  They created posters and presented them to the class.