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Second grading period
  •  During this grading period, we will continue to explore the place value system, but place the focus on decimals. Students will learn to compare/order, add/subtract, and multiply/divide decimals.
  • Additionally, we will begin working with fractions right around the time of Christmas break.

Social Studies: 

  • The big project for this grading period is a Native American research project. Students are assigned a particular tribe that they must learn more about through research. That research will then be shared with their classmates through a physical project and short presentation.
  • After learning who was in North America "first", we'll discuss the importance and effect of European exploration and colonization in the New World.


  • The nervous system is the first topic of discussion this grading period. Students will learn the parts of the nervous system and how they interact to allow us to sense and respond to the outside world.
  • The skeletal system follows the nervous system. Students will learn the major bones of the body, their structure and function, and how they fit together at the joints. Students will have an opportunity to participate in a couple of hands-on labs in this unit.