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Frequently Asked Questions from the PIAA

Click on the link below to access a FAQ document from the PIAA.  The document covers various questions regarding Interscholastic Athletics during this current COVID-19 pandemic.

Will athletes be required to get a new sports physical in 2020-2021?

Updated on April 28 
The PIAA is maintaining the requirement for the completion of an updated CIPPE form for the 2020-2021 school year.  Starting on June 1, 2020, student athletes can have a new physical completed.  The CIPPE form can be found on the Athletic Department's website under the "MORE" tab and by clicking on the "2020-2021 Athletic Physicals" tab at the bottom of the list.  
An updated physical form will need to be on file prior to August 17, 2020, which is the the first official date for fall sports. 

When will athletic sport activities re-start?

The PIAA has tentatively established July 1, 2020 as the possible re-start date for interschoalstic sport activities in Pennsylvania.  As soon as a date is finalized by the PIAA and WPIAL, the Athletic Department will forward all pertinent information to each district team.

Blackhawk School District's Reintegration of sport documents.

Listed below are the Reintegration to Sport documents that were Board approved on Thursday, June 18th.  The first link is the guidelines to re-opening phase -  by -  phase.  The second link is a waiver that is required to be signed by all student athletes to begin workouts in Phase 2 of guidelines.

Updated Masking Order - November, 17 2020

Please click on the link below for the most recent masking order from the Department of Health.

Guidance for Sports to Operate During COVID - November 19. 2020

Please click on the link below to view Governor Tom Wolf's Statement regarding sports operating during COVID.

Guidance for All Sports Permitted to Operate During the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency to Ensure the Safety and Health of Employees, Athletes and the Public

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