Roadmap: Food Services

Will breakfast and lunch still be served by Blackhawk's Food Service?

Updated on September 7
We will continue to provide meals to all students.   Meals will be served in the following ways:   
  • Students attending classes in the buildings will order lunch in the morning via their teacher (k-4) or a link on their iPad (5-12). The ordered lunches will be prepared and distributed to the students during their scheduled meal times. Students will eat their meals in the cafeterias or in designated eating areas and will remain socially distanced while doing so.
  • Students in a virtual model will have the opportunity to pick up meals each day at any building location.
  • Students in the hybrid model will have the opportunity to receive meals that are distributed at the end of the day to take home for the days they are in a virtual learning environment.
  • This may involve grab -  and -  go meals served at any of the building locations.
  • This may involve delivered meals (similar to this year's program).


What will breakfast service look like for my student?

Updated June 17
At Blackhawk Intermediate School (BIS) and  Patterson Primary School (PPS), students have the opportunity to stop in the cafeteria and have breakfast before reporting to their classroom. Breakfast will be served from the serving line and students will be seated at an appropriate social distance.
At Highland Middle School (HMS), breakfast will be served and students will be seated at an appropriate social distance.
At Blackhawk High School (BHS), students will have the opportunity to eat breakfast in the cafeteria at an appropriate social distance. Breakfast will also be available to students in study halls during Periods 1 and 2 in the cafeteria.

How will the lunch period look different this year?

Edited June 17
Students purchasing a lunch will make a pre-order each morning in the classroom. 
At BIS and PPS, this will be done with the assistance of the classroom teacher. These lunches will then be prepared and identified by student name and be packaged in a disposable container. When the students arrive in the cafeteria, their pre-ordered meal will be available for pick-up. The purpose of this system is to eliminate students waiting in line. An additional benefit is that students will have more time to eat.  More tables will be added to the cafeteria and children will be appropriately spaced among the tables. Children will still be able to converse with others near them during the lunch period. In some of the larger lunch periods at  for 3rd and 4th grade, in addition to the cafeteria, we will  also be having lunches in the outdoor courtyard (weather permitting) and in a classroom adjacent to the cafeteria. This additional space will be used to create more room for all students. Each 3rd and 4th grade classroom with follow a schedule when they will eat in the adjacent space. Each class will utilize it every 6 or 7 days.
At HMS, this will be done through a Microsoft Survey on their devices, during the Homeroom period. Students will be seated for lunch in the cafeteria at an appropriate social distance. Additional seating may be available in the adjoining lobby or LGI room.
At BHS, this will be done through a Microsoft Survey on their devices during the Homeroom period. Students will be seated in the 3 cafeterias at an appropriate social distance.

Will snacks still be available to purchase?

Update on June 17
Snacks and additional beverages will be available for purchase. 
At BIS and PPS, students will be called by classroom to purchase in order to eliminate waiting in lines.
At HMS and BHS, snacks can be ordered as part of the online pre-ordered system and can be purchased directly on the line in the cafeteria during designated times. Snacks will also be available to purchase from a traveling Snack Cart in the different cafeterias.

How will my child be able to pay for their meals?

Updated on June 17
We will no longer be using the touch-pad system in any building for identifing students in our serving lines.  
When the meal is pre-ordered, the cafeteria staff will charge the student's account for the meal. This will prevent students from waiting in line to be rung out and allow your child more time for eating. 
Payments should be sent in a sealed envelope CLEARLY MARKED with student's name and LUNCH MONEY. BIS, PPS and HMS students should give this envelope to their classroom/homeroom teacher. BHS students should drop payments off in the cafeteria prior to reporting to homeroom. Payments will be applied to accounts by the cafeteria staff. We encourage you to make payments via a check or money order, but cash will also be accepted. Online payments can be made by visiting our website at and clicking on the PARENT tab in the heading bar. For further instructions for making online payments, please contact Cherie Fleischman, Food Service Director at [email protected] or (724) 846-9600 x1016.

Will BIS & PPS still offer the opportunity to purchase Birthday Snacks?

Yes, birthday snacks for your child's class will be available for purchase through Blackhawk Food Services. No birthday snacks are permitted to be brought in from outside. There will be a Birthday Flyer sent home at the beginning of the year with the details. A copy of the flyer can also be found in the Food Services section of the district website.

Free & Reduced Lunch Application Information


Are meals free for all students?

Updated September 7
On August 31, the USDA announced that all meals served in school would be free to students through December 31, 2020. This is in response to COVID 19.  After December 31, the USDA will evaluate the availability of funds for continuing this program. All student meals, both served in the buildings, as well as the ones being sent home will be at NO COST to district families.  There is no financial qualification for this program. Families should still fill out the free and reduced meal applications that were sent home. These will be in effect when the USDA free meal waiver ends. Only one application per family is required.
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