1st Grade

Hello First Grade

I hope everyone is doing well.  
Thank you for your hard work, and please let me know if you have an questions. 
My email is [email protected] .us
Feel free to check out the other grades for more content your child may enjoy.  There is no rule saying they can't review old material or look ahead to new. You can also scroll to the bottom for extra science activities.


Last week we started learning about animal adaptations and we checked out the cheetahs. We are going to look at some other adaptations today.
1.  Let's watch  'Living Things Change: Crash Course Kids'
2. We saw the Pittsburgh Zoo, now lets check out the  world famous San Diego Zoo!
3.  If you have some extra time, try this Coding game and help a DRAGON with its adaptations.
Have a great week! 

April Lesson

 For the rest of the year, we will be learning about animals.
Our lesson today has 3 Steps:
1. Watch this video from Mr. Okon.  
2. Check out this video from SciSchow Kids about Cheetahs! The link is below the picture.

3. Check out the Cheetah Cam at the Pittsburgh Zoo!
Have a great week! 
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