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Eckles met with board members and admin staff to gather information for the planning of captured entrances at BHS as a result of proceeds from the bond refinancing. More +

Negotiations between the Blackhawk School District and the Blackhawk Education Association regarding the expired teachers’ contract began in January 2019.  Because the School District has a focus on being fiscally responsible, the District presented a comprehensive proposal, which included changes to the pay structure and health care. The current level of contribution for health care premiums has remained at 1.25% of the annual salary for the past eight (8) years.

As required by law, the District and the Blackhawk Education Association presented their cases to a Fact Finder appointed by the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board on October 14-15, 2019.  The Fact Finder issued his report on October 28, 2019. The Fact Finder recognized the District’s obligation to be fiscally responsible and in so doing agreed to restructure the salary and health care.  The Fact Finder’s proposed adjusted salary structure preserved the established salary scale and slowed the rapidly escalating system of compensation that currently exists. In addition to other changes in health care, the Fact Finder increased the teachers’ health insurance contribution from the present 1.25% of salary to a level more consistent with what residents and taxpayers of the District pay.

The Board unanimously approved the Fact Finder’s report on November 4, 2019. The teachers unanimously rejected it two days later. The Pennsylvania Labor Relation Board Released the Fact Finder’s Report Public On Thursday, November 7, 2019; a link to the report is included at the bottom of this message. The parties are required to take another vote no later than November 18, 2019.
The District continues to seek resolution to the negotiations that are fiscally responsible and settled in a fair manner, that is, fair to the teachers, students, families and taxpayers of the Blackhawk School District.

It is our hope that the second vote of each party results in an agreement. If an agreement is not reached, the District is committed to continue to meet with the Association and to negotiate in good faith in an effort to reach an agreement that is fair to all stakeholders, including the Blackhawk community.

Board of School Directors

Meetings of the Board of School Directors are held on the second and third Thursday of each month unless otherwise advertised. All meetings are held in the BHS Library unless otherwise posted and begin at 7:00 PM. Members of the community are welcome to attend.

Region I: Darlington Township, Darlington Borough, Enon Valley, South Beaver Township, and Chippewa Township District #4
John Battaglia (Term ending in 2023)
Rachel Cline  (Term ending in 2023)
Neil Morrison (Term ending in 2021)
Region 2: Chippewa Township District #1 and 2 and West Mayfield
 Dr. Frank Makoczy (Term ending in 2021)
Melissa Ziegler (Term ending in 2021)
Kathy Helsing  (Term ending in 2023)
Region 3: Chippewa Township District #3, Patterson Heights, and Patterson Township
Dan Jones  (Term ending 2023)
Ken Yonkee (Term ending in 2023)
Paul Heckathorn (Term ending in 2021)

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