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Meetings of the Board of School Directors are held on the second and third Thursday of each month unless otherwise advertised. All meetings are held in the BHS Library unless otherwise posted and begin at 7:30 PM. Members of the community are welcome to attend.

Region I: Darlington Township, Darlington Borough, Enon Valley, South Beaver Township, and Chippewa Township District #4
John Battaglia (Term ending in 2023)  [email protected]          
Rachel Cline  (Term ending in 2023) [email protected] 
Lynn Kalcevic (Term ending in 2025) [email protected] 
Region 2: Chippewa Township District #1 and 2 and West Mayfield

 Dr. Frank Makoczy (Term ending in 2025) [email protected] 
Andrew Huzyak (Term ending in 2025) [email protected] 
Kathy Helsing  (Term ending in 2023) [email protected] 
Region 3: Chippewa Township District #3, Patterson Heights, and Patterson Township
Dan Jones  (Term ending 2023) [email protected] 
Gwen Deluca (Term ending in 2023) [email protected]
Roberta Mansell (Term ending in 2025) [email protected] 

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