Meeting Notice
July 29 Meeting 
The Blackhawk Board of School Directors will hold a Special Meeting on July 29, 2021, 7:00PM in the High School Library which will include voting action on the High School Kitchen repair project. Due to the timeline of scheduling this meeting, participants are welcome to attend in person or via Zoom. Should you want to attend via Zoom, please sign up HERE
August 4 Meeting
The Blackhawk Board of School Directors will hold a public meeting regarding the Blackhawk School District Health and Safety Plan for the 21-22 school year at Highland Middle School on August 4th, 2021 at 5:30PM in the LGI Room.  Due to the timeline of scheduling this meeting, participants are welcome to attend in person or via Zoom; however, the Focus Group style setting with small and large group discussion may lend itself to in person attendance. 
If you are attending in person, we kindly ask that you RSVP for the Health and Safety Meeting by clicking HERE so we can plan for seating and materials. The RSVP will close on Monday, August 2 at 4:00 p.m. However, all are welcome to attend, even without an RSVP. 
If you are attending via Zoom, please sign up HERE

Educational Rights of Homeless Students

Access to Educational Programs for the Homeless

Attention Parents & Guardians

Federal guidelines, as set forth in No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, require that school districts identify children who are homeless (temporarily displaced).  The federal mandate, and the intention of Blackhawk School District is to ensure that homeless children and youth have access to free appropriate public education on an equal basis with other children. Children who are homeless, including those living with others, may qualify for assistance for lunch, with school supplies/materials, with tutoring, and with transportation so that they can remain in their school of origin.

If you believe your child(ren) may qualify for this service, please contact the principal of your child(ren)'s school or the district Homeless Liaison, Tara Jones at 724-846-6600 x1003 or [email protected]

Homeless children may be identified as living in the following situations:
  1. Public or private shelters;
  2. Public or private places not designated for/or ordinarily used as regular sleeping accommodations such as vehicles, parks, motels, campgrounds, etc.;
  3. Living with a parent in a domestic violence shelter; 
  4. Individuals and/or families living with relatives or friends who have been abandoned or forced out of the home by parents or other caretakers. These individuals may be in temporary shelters awaiting assistance from social service agencies or may live alone on the street or move from place to place among family members, friends or acquaintances. This also includes such youth from ages 18-21 who may still be eligible for educational services in regular or special education.;
  5. Children of migrant families who lack adequate housing; 
  6. Children abandoned in hospitals or awaiting foster care; or 
  7. School-age, unwed mothers or expectant mothers living in houses for unwed mothers when they have no other available living accommodations.

If your living situation changes during the school year or over the summer, and you and your child(ren) become homeless, please be sure to contact the school. We will work with you so that your child(ren)'s education is disrupted as little as possible.
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