Update 2/8/23
According to a press conference today (2/8/23), the evacuation zones have been lifted and the road closures have been opened. All students should be able to be transported to and from school tomorrow, February 9, 2023 as normal. 
For families who chose to evacuate, absences for the remainder of the week will be considered excused. Absent students can work from Schoology, should they be able to. Families of K-4 students can either contact their child’s teacher for work or can get caught up upon their return to school. Should your family be impacted and you need assistance, please reach out to your child’s school. 

Buildings & Grounds

What's new in BSD facilities

Maintenance and Custodial Staff

Darrin Fleischman
Facilities Director 
Welcome to Blackhawk School District Building & Grounds!

The Building and Grounds Department works year round - during the summer, during the day, during the night, as well as weekends - providing the staff and students of Blackhawk School District with well maintained academic and athletic facilities. We oversee the entire district’s preventative and corrective maintenance, improvements, renovations, long-range planning, and day-to-day building operations including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing needs, snow and ice removal, mowing, setup for events and respond to after hour’s emergencies. In addition to the grounds keeping for all five school buildings, we also handle all district athletic fields. The Maintenance staff consists of a working supervisor, a grounds keeper, and three maintenance technicians. The Building and Grounds Department also employs a crew of approximately 21 custodians responsible for cleaning and maintaining each building as well.  
Application for Part Time Custodians

All applications should be submitted to:
Blackhawk School District
500 Blackhawk Road
Beaver Falls, PA 15010

School Dude

The Building and Grounds Department uses School Dude, an online work order system, to schedule facility usage and to request maintenance work orders. Facility Scheduling Direct is an online facility usage scheduling tool for managing educational facility usage requests and tracking event schedules. This system enables event requesters to check facility availability, submit usage requests, and allows booking of single or multiple rooms or fields at a location for single events and recurring events. Maintenance Direct enables requesters to submit work requests, check the status of requests online, and automatically notifies requesters via e-mail as work is assigned and completed. This system enables the custodial staff with new work assignments to record notes, set reminders, and e-mail supervisors. School Dude creates instant communication among building and grounds, custodians, teachers, administrators, and community organizations.

The district’s buildings and fields are available for use by the outside public under district-set policies and procedures. Persons wishing to schedule an event may use the facilities scheduling link at the top of this page.

District Staff wishing to request a maintenance/work order may use the Work order link at the top of this page. 

Facilities Scheduling

Maintenance Direct

Contact Us

Contact Us:
Darrin Fleischman
Facilities Director 
Kirsten Stitsel
School Dude Scheduling Request Facilitator
Tammy Duespohl
Secretary to Buildings and Grounds

Nan Karpinski
Head Custodian
Blackhawk High School

Chris Yingling
Head Custodian
Highland Middle School
Jim Lokey
Head Custodian
Blackhawk Intermediate School

Donna Holt
Head Custodian
Patterson Primary School

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