2nd Grade

I hope everyone is doing well.  
Thank you for your hard work, and please let me know if you have an questions. 
My email is [email protected] .us
Feel free to check out the other grades for more content your child may enjoy.  There is no rule saying they can't review old material or look ahead to new. You can also scroll to the bottom for extra science activities.


Did you try growing any plants.  Here are mine.
Last week we celebrated Earth Day and recycled bottles into mini green houses.  This week, we are going to look at a more natural form of recycling. 
1. Here it is! 

2. Check out this small composter you can build with an adult.  You don't need to build it, but it may give you some good ideas!
3.  You are getting better at saving resources.  Just for fun, try coding a MineCraft game with virtual resources! 
Have a great week! 


This week's lesson will be in three parts.
 1. Check out this video of Mr. Okon experimenting with dirt and making some mini greenhouses.
2. Watch this SciShow Kids video about dirt. The link is below the picture.

3.  Take a break from the soil and play Recycle Round up to celebrate Earth Day.
Have a great week! 
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