Superintendent Search
Dear Blackhawk Community and Staff,

Your local school board is about to launch a school superintendent search, and I have been selected to lead the effort.

My name is Dr. Edward Albert, former educator and school superintendent now serving as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools.  I am eager to get acquainted with as many of you as I can during this process because your input will have a crucial impact on the school board’s ultimate hiring decision.

I have created three activities for school and community involvement. My first priority is visiting schools (a date will be given shortly) to talk with staff. Next, I have planned a community night on to hear more about your interests and requirements for the next superintendent.

If you are unable to attend, you still have the opportunity to contribute. I have created an online survey to collect your thoughts and opinions. The survey will be accessible on the district website until October 31. I hope many of you will take the time to weigh in. We need to hear from you.

I look forward to conducting this search and working toward the ultimate goal of identifying the best candidate for your district.

Alumni & Reunions

Cougar Connections

Blackhawk High School helped to prepare you and your classmates for your future. Let us now help you prepare for your class reunion! This class reunion announcement website is a tool that you can use to post an informational flyer for your reunion. It can help you connect with your former classmates and share important details about your upcoming class reunion. To find out how and view an example announcement, please see the information below!

This website will be used for class reunion purposes only. A class representative may contact Tara Jones at Blackhawk School District's Central Office to create a link to a flyer announcing their reunion (See contact information below). Class reunion flyers will be subject to the following stipulations:

1. Each class will get one link to a one page flyer that displays their announcement and any other additional information pertaining to their reunion.

2. The class holding the reunion will be responsible for the design of their flyer.

3. The link and the flyer will be displayed for up to one year only. The flyer will be removed the day after the reunion is held.

4. Each flyer MUST contain contact information, including name of contact person, phone number, and email address. Blackhawk School District will not be responsible in any way for taking reservations for reunions, answering questions, or making reunion plans. This is the sole responsibility of the class planning the reunion.

5. Blackhawk School District reserves the right to refuse publication of any content that is deemed inapproriate or unsuitable to be placed on Blackhawk School District's website.

6. An example of a link to a reunion flyer has been set up to show what a link and a flyer may look like. To view this example, please click on the following link.

Example Class of 2011 Reunion link

To create a link to a reunion flyer, please contact Tara Jones at Blackhawk School District's Central Office at (724) 846-6600 ext. 1003 or email at j[email protected]

Scheduled Reunions

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