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Welcome Students & Parents!

Welcome Students & Parents! 202031711130382_image.png

Welcome to Blackhawk Intermediate School Art!  I am Mrs. Murtha.  I currently am teaching grades Kindergarten through Fourth Grade at both Northwestern at BIS and Blackhawk Intermediate School. My goal in art class is not to make everyone draw like Leonardo Da Vinci but to have every individual do their personal best and develop an appreciation for art.  I also strive to develop creative thinkers in the art classroom.  I use a discipline based program that weaves together art history, art production, critical thinking and aesthetic skills.  Students use a wide variety of materials in the process including clay, colored pencil, pastel, oil pastel, and paint.  


 If you have any questions about art class please do not hesitate to contact me.


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Art Challenge#3

Art Challenge#3 20203231433405_image.jpg
Mrs. Murtha is originally from Pittsburgh, PA.  I love to go to museums, Pirate games, Steeler Games, and Penguin Hockey games.  It is a beautiful city.  Click on the word "Pittsburgh" below.  It will take you to website of the photographer JP Diroll.  If you scroll down there are many free coloring pages that you can print.  Print a page, color it, and then send me a picture of it through email with a subject of Color Pittsburgh.  You can email it to [email protected]

Art challenge #2

Art challenge #2 202032011198556_image.png Observation is when we notice something carefully in order to get information.  People in many different careers use observation skills in their job.  Doctors use observation skills when you go in for a sick visit and they need to figure out what is wrong. They also use them when looking at an x ray.   A auto mechanic must use them in order to figure out what isn't happening in an engine. This is a picture of my son Johnny's shark slipper that I drew by observing it.  Practice using your observation skills to observe yours or someone in your family's slipper.  As you observe it draw it on a paper scan it or take a photo of it and email it to Mrs. Murtha at [email protected] put slipper as the subject.

Art Challenge #1

Art Challenge #1 20203191150762_image.jpg
Art is the use of skill and imagination to make objects. Art is important it helps us with our feelings, it helps us to communicate to others and helps us achieve many other things.  These two Guinea Pigs are Scooter and Squeek. They are attending classes at home.  You can see that Squeek loves to make art especially when Scooter is too busy to play.  Sometimes she likes to make art when she is feeling sad or lonely.  Art Challenge #1 is email me a picture of you making art. You can email me at [email protected]

Classroom Announcements


Students have finished a jungle painting. Now they are going to make snake weavings. We will do this by making snakes out of paper and then using our motor skills to weave them through the paper. More +

First Grade

First Grade was in the process of completing beautiful spring pictures. Upon our return students will be finishing these our beginning a new project. More +

Second Grade

Before our break second grade students were working on making relief paper sculptures.  We had just finished these and an exciting new project will be coming soon. More +

Third Grade

Students had learned about M.C. Escher and were finishing making tesselations. Students will complete these upon their return from break. More +

Fourth Grade

Before our break Fourth Grade Students were learning about drawing by using a grid. We were also learning to use a monchromatic color scheme to paint. We will be putting these things together to make a self portrait when we return. More +

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