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During school board meetings, board members and administration agree to post documents for the public to see.  This page will be the location to find those documents.  

BIS Mold Test Results

Northwestern Primary School

Results of Environmental Study @ Northwestern Football Field

On July 5, 2017, the District received the results from a recently commissioned environmental health and safety study of the conditions at Northwestern Primary School. The study was commissioned to provide information to the School Board and Administration as they consider the future of the School. This study included an examination of the football field playing surface as well as subsurface soil samples.

The results revealed that fecal coliforms were detected in ten (10) of the twenty (24) samples taken at the football field. Most of the detections, eight (8), were from the surface samples. Sewage indicators in addition to fecal coliforms were detected in five (5) of the samples. No E. Coli was detected in any of the samples taken from the field above or below the surface. The School’s sewage leach bed is more than 50 years old and is located under the football field.

There are no known indications that the surface or subsurface conditions on this field pose a health risk. However, out of an abundance of caution, the football field at Northwestern Primary School will be closed to the public and no future games or activities will take place on the field until further notice. A copy of the boring location map and sample data is attached.
The School Board and Administration are developing contingency plans for high school athletic events that would ordinarily have taken place on the Northwestern football field in the event that the new athletics facility under construction at the Blackhawk High School is not ready in time for fall sports.
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