Work Permits


In Pennsylvania, minors between the ages of 14–18 must obtain a Work Permit.  Work Permits cannot be issued to children under the age of 14.

Work Permits are issued by the school district in which the student resides. It is only valid for employment within the State of Pennsylvania.


Out Of State Employment — Any student seeking employment in another state, must secure a Work Permit from the school district in which the employer is located.



The Application for Work Permit [PDE-4565 (1/13)] will be filled out by the issuing officer. The student must provide acceptable evidence of age.

Acceptable evidence of age (in order of preference include):

a) Transcript of birth certificate

b) Baptismal certificate or transcript

c) Passport


The Work Permit Process:

1. Print off the form PDE-4565 from the Blackhawk High School website. 


2. Complete Section A – Name, sex, color of hair, color of eyes, any physical work restrictions, place of residence, place of birth, date of birth.

3. Complete Section B – Signature of parent, guardian or legal custodian & the address of parent, guardian or legal custodian.

4. Scan and email the application and a copy of the evidence of age document (ie. Birth certificate) to Blackhawk High School main office ([email protected]). 

5. Provide phone number and address in email.  Please indicate if you would like to have your work permit mailed or arranged for pickup.

6. The minor will be instructed that they are to keep the blue permit in their possession until their 18th birthday. The permit is transferable to any PA employer. It may be shown to the employer to be photocopied but must be returned to the student.  

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