Below is a link to the Return to School Presentation that was given to the community on July 29th. This link will be available for viewing for a week or should the state alter the current return to school requirements.

2nd Grade

I hope everyone is doing well.  Each week, I will post the current lesson below the introduction.  Older lessons will get bumped down one spot.
Thank you for your hard work, and please let me know if you have an questions. 
My email is okonb@bsd.k12.pa .us
Parents, we can try setting up Zoom or Facetime meetings upon request if you think they would be beneficial.
Feel free to check out the other grades for more content your child may enjoy.  There is no rule saying they can't review old material or look ahead to new. You can also scroll to the bottom for exra science activities.

Student Projects

This Week's Lesson

Hello Second Grade!  It's hard to believe that it is the last week in May already!
What an interesting year of school!
Let's looks at some of the things we've done. 
Go ahead, pick a favorite or two and celebrate the end of your first year of STEAM! 
 https://safeYouTube.net/w/p10H                        https://safeYouTube.net/w/M20H
Nutrient Cycle
        https://safeYouTube.net/w/I40H                       https://safeYouTube.net/w/Y30H
The Solar System
https://safeYouTube.net/w/aD0H                      https://safeYouTube.net/w/6D0H
Ecosystems and Habitats 
Have a Great Summer! 

Past Lessons

Hello 2nd Grade
We checked out the ocean zones, now lets look at a special kind of structure called a 'reef' that forms in shallower parts of the ocean.
After all of that virtual swimming around, you deserve a break.  Check out the fun games at Nat Geo Kids.
If you wan to stick with the Ocean Theme, try Krill Smackdown or Dolphin Diving.
If you are looking for an ocean project, check out
Have a great week and send in any pictures of workt that you want me to share! 
 Hello 2nd Grade!
Back at Patterson, we were just starting to get into the different types of animals; mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, fish, and insects. 
 But first, I am reposting my orignal video that you may have missed, it only got 3 views, just an update from me.  One correction, the "coltsfoot" plant was actually a young "garlic mustard" plant.
Now we are going to focus on how animals survive in different habitats around the world.
The oceans cover more of the Earth than dry land, so we will start there. 
Here is a fun ocean style project you can make with a parents help. 
Have a great week! 

Past Lessons

Last week we checked in on our plants and looked at composting.   Now that we see how plants meet thier needs to survive, lets check out some animals.
1. Lets check on our mini greehouses, If you have any pictures of your plants or other science projects, your parents can email them to me, and I'll post them here. Here are my plants.
2. We are Blackhawk cougars, and cougars are a type of big cat, so lets check out this group!
3.  Extra, Optional, Just for fun!  Help me Celebrate my birthday this week by checking out some of my favorite animal songs, games, and videos!  Check out wha ia have for kindergarten and 1st grade if you want to try somethign different!
https://safeYouTube.net/w/ovV9                                     https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/games/action-and-adventure/just-joking/

Past Lessons

April 27 - May 1

Did you try growing any plants.  Here are mine.
Last week we celebrated Earth Day and recycled bottles into mini green houses.  This week, we are going to look at a more natural form of recycling. 
1. Here it is! 
2. Check out this small composter you can build with an adult.  You don't need to build it, but it may give you some good ideas!
3.  You are getting better at saving resources.  Just for fun, try coding a MineCraft game with virtual resources! 
Have a great week! 

Past Lessons


April 20th-24th Lesson

This week's lesson will be in three parts.
 1. Check out this video of Mr. Okon experimenting with dirt and making some mini greenhouses.
2. Watch this SciShow Kids video about dirt. The link is below the picture.
3.  Take a break from the soil and play Recycle Round up to celebrate Earth Day.
Have a great week! 

Educational Videos

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