Approved iPad Accessories List

While not a requirement, accessories can often enhance the educational experience of the iPads.   Students and parents often ask what optional accessories can be purchased for district provided iPads.   The accessories listed below are approved for use with the iPads provided by Blackhawk School District.   The use of any unapproved accessories may damage the iPad and result in a financial obligation by the student/family.   Blackhawk School District is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or broken personal accessories brought to school by students.
The links below are for reference only and it is suggested that research be done to find the lowest price before make a purchase.

Replacement charging cables/power adapters


  •  Any bluetooth compatible trackpad or mouse.


  • Any 3.5 mm headphones/earbuds
  • Any bluetooth headphones/earbuds 


  •  District provided iPads must remain in the case provided by the district at all times.


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