iPad Insurance and Coverage

iPad Insurance and Coverage Terms

All Repairs and claims are managed by the Blackhawk School District Technology Department 
Deductible Terms 
  • Premium: $40 per school year, per student
  • Deductibles: $25 first occurence, $50 any subsequent occurrence(s).
  • Maximum is $80 per family, per year.

What is covered?

  • All physical components of the iPad.
  • Any accidental damage.
  • 1st theft of a device with a police report. 

What is not covered?

  • Loss of iPad.
  • Loss of iPad peripherals (iPad Case, iPad charging cable, or iPad power adapter).
  • Reasonable wear and tear (Examples" scratches, dents, worn case). 
  • Damage as a result of reckless abuse or willful conduct.
  • Submersion/Liquid damage or any kind.
  • 2nd occurrence of theft. 

Cost of uncovered items/repair

  • Cost of replacement device and peripherals will be determined by Apple's current pricing.
  • Cost of repair will be determined by an Apple authorized repair company.

Process of Service or Repair of iPad

  • All damage must be reported to Blackhawk School District
  • A loaner device may be issued during service or repairs. 


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