1 to 1 Parent/Student Guide - Patterson Primary School


How will the 1 to 1 iPad program work for Patterson Primary? 

  • Each student will have their own iPad that is stored in a classroom charging cabinet.
  • The iPad will remain in the classroom unless there is a reason for them to take them home (i.e. Covid-19 virtual schedule or flexible instruction day).
  • The building principal will determine when it is appropriate for students to take the iPads home. 

What are the daily expectations for the iPads?

  • Students are to bring charged iPads to each class daily.
  • iPads are to be used as an integral part of every classroom.
  • Classroom iPad usage should support measurable educational goals.
  • Teachers are in control of when and how students are to use their iPad in class.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their iPads in good, working order.

 How should students and parents become familiar with the iPad?

  • A series of online tutorials have been created to assist students and parents in becoming familiar with how the iPad works, how to complete basic tasks, and how to participate in virtual learning via Microsoft Teams when appropriate.

What sign off forms must be completed by parents prior to a student receiving an iPad?

  • Several iPad sign off forms must be completed prior to a student receiving an iPad.
  • The forms are available for digital acceptance in Skyward family access.

Are there any insurance requirements for students in grades K-2?

  • iPad insurance can optionally be purchased by families in grades K-2.
  • Insurance coverage is $40 per year, per student.
  • The maximum insurance cost per family is $80 per year.

 What exactly does the insurance cover?

How can a parent sign up for insurance?

  • Parents will opt in or opt out of insurance coverage in Skyward family access while completing the iPad sign off forms.   
  • Parents opting for insurance will complete the iPad Insurance/Waiver Form and return it to the students school building office along with payment..
  • Parents will have until October 1st, 2020 to submit payment for the insurance coverage.   After that time, insurance coverage will be dropped for the device until payment is received.

 What forms of payment are accepted for the insurance coverage?

  • Cash, checks, and money orders are accepted.
  • Make checks payable to "Blackhawk School District".
  • Please list the students name and student ID with any payment.
  • Payments can be send to the Patterson Primary office.

If I am unable to afford the insurance coverage, what can be done?

  • Any student that qualifies for the "Free and Reduced Lunch" program prior to the COVID-19 pandemic may seek a waiver for the insurance fee.
  • Any students or families with financial hardship should contact their building principal to discuss a new waiver.

 What if a student does not purchase the iPad insurance coverage?

  • The student/family would be responsible for the full repair or replacement of any lost or damaged iPad.

Who should be contacted if a student is having technical difficulty with their iPad?

  • A virtual instruction "Help Desk" has been established as a resource for students and parents to resolve any technology issues with iPads, connectivity, or access to online services.
  • Check the Blackhawk School District Technology page for contact information.

 How do students download apps to their iPads?

  • Each iPad has a "Self Service" app installed on them.  This app allows all students to download the apps the district has made available to them.
  • Students do not have access to the "App Store". 

Do students have the ability to delete apps?

  • Students have the ability to delete apps from the iPad.
  • Any app deleted can be re-downloaded by using the "Self Service" app.
  • Students are encouraged to delete apps after they will no longer be needed (i.e. after a specific lesson).  This type of "app management" may be necessary if an iPad's storage becomes full. 

What apps should be used for students to create documents in class?

  • While Apple has several options, it is required that Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel be used as the "core apps" for document creation in class.

Where should students save files on the iPad?

  • The iPad has several options for storing files online (i.e. "The Cloud").
  • Microsoft OneDrive provides 1 TB of cloud storage for students.
  • Apple iCloud provides 200 GB of cloud storage for students when signed into their "Managed Apple ID".
  • Students will be required to use Microsoft OneDrive for saving "core apps" documents so that files created on the iPads can easily transfer to district PC's found in computer labs.
  •  Tutorials will provide guidance on how to organize and save files on the iPad using the various cloud services.

What is a "Managed Apple ID" and how does it work?

  •  A "Managed Apple ID" is a login that Blackhawk School district has created for students to take advantage of certain Apple services.
  • "Managed Apple IDs" for Blackhawk students take advantage of "Single Sign On" which means that students will use the same user name and password as their Microsoft Office 365 email account to log in.
  • Students can sign into their "Managed Apple ID" on their iPad to gain access to the 200 GB of iCloud storage.
  • Teachers will assist students in signing into their "Managed Apple ID". 

 How should students who do not have Internet access at home work with files on the iPad?

  • The iPads have the ability to save files directly on the iPad (i.e. not in the cloud).
  • This will allow students to download and work with files off line.
  • Tutorials will provide guidance on how to work with files directly on the iPad.
  • Please review the "Connectivity Assistance" page if you need an avenue to obtain Internet access.

Where in the school are iPads not permitted?

  • Restrooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Nurses office (they must be turned off)

How will students charge their iPads?

  • Charging cabinets have been placed in classrooms at Patterson School with enough locations to store and charge all iPads for the students in the classroom.
  • iPads will be returned to the charging cabinets each night to charge.
  • In the event of virtual learning, students will be sent home with additional charging cables to charge the iPads.  These cables must be return to the students classroom teacher at the start of the next school day.

What should students do with their iPads when they go to lunch, gym, or recess?

  • iPads will remain at the students desk or charging stations when students go to lunch, gym, or recess. 
  • Teachers will lock the classroom doors to ensure the security of the iPads. 

How will teachers alert students to stop using their iPads in class, what is the consequences if students do not comply?

  • Teachers will use the standard phrase "screens down" to indicate to students that technology should be placed face down on the desk and technology is not to be used.
  • Failure to comply with any technology instructions will be handled as a normal insubordination offense for the students.

Will there be an iPad pass code requirement for students, and how will it work?

  • Students in grades K-2 will not be required to setup pass codes on their iPads. 

What is the process for students needing replacement cords or power adapters for their iPads?

  • Students with malfunctioning cables or power adapters will need to report the issue to a teacher.  A no cost replacement will be provided to the student with the trade in of the malfunctioning cord or power adapter as long as the accessory does not appear to be damaged.
  • Teachers will collect the malfunctioning cables and/or power adapters and the replacements will be delivered to a student's homeroom teacher. 
  • A student may purchase additional cables by visiting the "Approved iPad Accessories Page" or by completing the "iPad Replacement Cable/Power Adapter Form" then returning it to their homeroom teacher..
  • The replacement equipment will be delivered to the student's homeroom teacher after processing

 What is the procedure if a student forgets their iPad or needs their iPad serviced?

  • A charging cabinet of "loaner" iPads will be located in the Patterson library.
  • Teachers can provide students with a "loaner" iPad should a student forget or if their iPad needs service. 
  • If  an iPad needs sent for service but is not damaged (i.e. a cracked screen), the student will leave the iPad with their teacher.   The teacher will submit an IT request for service.
  • If a student's iPad is "forgotten" for 5 consecutive days it will be considered lost and the student/parent will be responsible for the cost of the replacement iPad.

What is the procedure for a damaged iPad?

  • A student with a damaged iPad must report the damage to a teacher immediately.
  • The teacher will submit an IT request to report the damage and complete  "iPad Damage Report" which will be investigated by a district administrator.
  • If the damage is due to negligence, the student will be responsible for either a deductible (if insurance was purchased), cost of the repair, or the total replacement of the iPad.
  • A student will be issued a "loaner" until the iPad can be replaced or repaired. 

 What is the procedure if an iPad is stolen?

  • The student should first report the stolen iPad to the local police department and obtain a police report.
  • The student should alert the building principal of the stolen iPad so that the district IT department can disable the iPad and use the device's GPS coordinates to assist in recovery of the iPad. 

Can the district obtain the GPS coordinates and other information about the iPad?

  •  Yes, the mobile device management system used by district iPads can collect information about the iPads including GPS location, installed apps, and other activity of the iPad.

If a district iPad is stolen, can it be resold or reused?

  • All of the serial numbers of the iPads purchased by Blackhawk School District are uniquely managed by the district.
  • Even if an iPads is stolen or wiped, they will always re-download the district's management profile each time they connect to a WiFi connection therefore rendering the device useless to anyone who steals the device.  The iPad will also report its GPS location that may assist authorities is recovering the iPad.

Can the students purchase different cases and accessories for their iPad?

  • Students must keep their iPad in the case provided by the district.
  • A list of approved accessories can be found on the "Approved iPad Accessories List" page.

Can students place stickers or draw on their iPad cases?

  • Drawing on the iPad cases in any form is not permitted.
  • Stickers may be placed on the iPad case as long as the can be removed without damaging the iPad case.
  • Any damage to the iPad case will result in the student being financially responsible for a replacement.

How will teachers and students tell which iPad is assigned to a student?

  • Each iPad has a sticker placed directly on the iPad underneath the case stand.
  • The student assigned to the iPad will also be shown at the bottom of the iPads lock screen.
  • Teachers will assign students a specific "charging spot" in the classroom charging cabinet for each student.

How often will the iPads be sanitized?

  • Teachers will encourage students to wipe their iPads down regularly with sanitizing wipes.
  • Teachers will establish a routing for students to follow as to "when and how" the iPads are to be sanitized, 






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