I am Brady Okon and I will be the STEAM teacher at Patterson for the 2019-20 school year.  This is my 13th year teaching Science at Blackhawk and my 4th year working at Patterson Primary.  

This year, STEAM will be held in room 203 instead of the computer lab.  The new room gives us more space to work on projects, test ideas, and meet student needs.  Don’t worry, the students will still have plenty of access to the computers in the lab.


Mission Statement

The goal of science education is to develop within students an understanding of the world around us by fostering curiosity, developing inquiry skills, and creating an excitement for learning science.

STEAM Schedule for Patterson Primary School

Day 1 Kindergarten            
Day 2 First Grade
 Day 3 Second Grade
Day 4 Pre-K at BIS
STEAM roomwill be open for MakerSpace work. 

Course Description

The STEAM lab is essentially a science lab that focuses on using hands on materials to learn about or our world and to design solutions to real world challenges. Each science unit uses the different parts of STEAM every day, but each day of the unit will focus on a particular part.

The Science focus involves learning how our world works through a variety of media.

The Technology focus has 2 parts: First, students will be looking into the progress human have made in dealing with the current topic, Second, students will use the classroom technology to study each topic further and complete projects based on science careers.

The Engineering focus has students using what they have learned to explore different solutions to real world problems using hands on materials and modeling.

The Art focus deals with the development of critical thinking in problem solving, cultural understanding and awareness, and creative experiences and expression for the purpose of cultivating a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

The Math focus centers on tracking our progress in each experiment and measuring the effect of each variable we test.

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